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XD-2000-type terminals Universal Machine (Biaxial)
Release time :2011年04月27日 | Type:Terminal Machine | Clicks:8903

XD-2000 Universal Type Crimping Machine (Biaxial)
Features: The machine adopts the roller clutch, on-site registration, change the terminal, or just changing the card type mold base for mold and channel floor, cost savings, for crimping various terminals (such as car terminals, flag-type terminal), Money can also call the special of the feeding device, good stability, long durability, the line of feed length will not be errors. Mechanical Specifications:
Model XD-2000
Power supply AC 220V 50HZ
Electric power consumption 250W Work Light 60W
Crimping capacity of 2000kg
30mm slider stroke
Crimping number 250Spm
Shut height max.126mm
Height adjustment 10MM
Overall dimensions (L) 360x (W280) x (H) 4875mm
Weight 90Kg

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