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XD-10 automatic single head peeling machine
Release time :2011年04月22日 | Type:Automatic peeling machine | Clicks:8982

Features: 1, cutting wires, stripping, wetting and other activities related to the time the action will automatically mix adjustment; 2, the production of wire ranging from AWG18 --- AWG32, a very wide range of practical; 3, twist-line rotation with three jaws, the use of motor driven rotation, rotation speed can be adjusted to change the tightness of twisted wire, twisted wire to the straight and beautiful; 4, the wetting angle close to 90 degrees dipping, so that the average diameter of wetting degrees (dipping depth and accurate); 5, the local fine-tuning knob to quickly adjust the rotation of the depth of dipping, and also adjust the height of a small tin cup rises, so that more accurate depth of dipping; 6, the machine clamp adjustable end position and wetting to about 10mm, to control the hard wire soldering side bending, dipping more precise location. Soldering tin cups automatically when the rise of small, tin tin surface debris and Wipe clean and the design of automatic features that make the wetting conditions at the Wuxi crumbs. Parameter list:

Machine Type

XD -10




wire cutting, single-end strip, double skinned, single-ended pressing, twisting single-ended, single-ended wetting


3500  ( 300mm )

Machinable Wire Range


cutting length

39mm ---- 9999mm

Cutting accuracy

scope of the changes: 1mm +

stripping length

1.0 ----- 10mm

Crimping capacity


Air Pressure

5 ---- 6kgf

detection device

without wires, terminals or without, dies poor, wire tied

body size

670W * 850L * 1500H (mm)

body weight

about 315kg


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