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XD-100 Computer pipe cutting machine
Release time :2011年04月22日 | Type:Cutting Machine | Clicks:8967

Features: This machine adopts microcomputer numerical control devices, biopsy length / number, is free to set the feed speed, high precision, less waste

Models designed to meet the ergonomic, easy to operate. Half-off sections can be added.


Uses: This machine is suitable for cutting Velcro, cotton belt, elastic belt, plastic belt, zipper, PVC pipe, heat shrink tubing, glass

Glass fiber tube, Teflon tube, cable, small wire, conductive cloth / foam, battery separator, Ni film, diffusion film, reflective film,

Double-sided tape, Mylar, insulation paper, PE, copper / aluminum foil, cable, release paper, such as the use of fixed-inch cut.

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