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XDJY-1000 ultra-quiet CNC machine terminal
Release time :2011年04月22日 | Type:Terminal Machine | Clicks:4252

XDJY-1000 ultra-quiet CNC machine terminal

1T ultra-quiet high-speed automatic terminal machine terminal machine. Mold and machine piece or split can, machine operation is simple, easy maintenance, low maintenance companies for high-yield barrier to help save the cost of the waste generated by the design and appearance, energy saving, improve quality, enhance Image. The best choice for pressure-side device class.

XDJY-1000 ultra-quiet terminal machine, using high frequency technology, electronic precision positioning, crimping it work without the noise the motor terminal machine than the traditional small and energy-saving, more convenient and efficient transfer mode, to avoid the traditional terminal clutch, solenoid And other common problems.

Main function of the machine are: the size can play a variety of terminals, such as the AC line U.S. standard European gauge inserts, as well as automotive wiring harness, motorcycle wire harness 2.8./6.3 terminal loop terminals, LED ground cold Male and female plug terminals and other terminals. Features extensive use. Crimp for what He Duanzai

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