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XD-5300 Coaxial Stripping Machine
Release time :2011年04月22日 | Type:Computer Stripping Machine | Clicks:8678

XD-5300 Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine Mainly used for coaxial cable and special processing of a single line, using the most advanced rotary tool holder, to improve the accuracy and speed of processing. The use of specific rotation axis tool positioning device and method need to replace up to six blade to peel the corresponding processing of wires of various sizes and skin

cable type

coaxial cable, triaxial cable, ; shielded cable, single conductor wire / discrete wire

maximum cable diameter of

Up to 7 mm (0.275 ") < span style = "COLOR: rgb (116,116,116); FONT-FAMILY: 'Arial'">

diameter tolerance

0.01 mm (0.001 ")

maximum peeling length

30 mm (1.18 ")

Strip length tolerance

0.01 mm (0.001 ")

maximum peeling order


the number of blades


to step up the cable

motor drive, clamping force can be programmed


4 s (depending on cable type and procedures) < span style = "COLOR: rgb (116,116,116); FONT-FAMILY: 'Arial'">


600 pcs. / h (depending on cable type and procedures)

process capability

1'000 cables cables / 100 wire lists cable column < / td>


RS 232, foot, automatic interface (optional)


<70 db (A)

power supply

100 / 115 VAC: ; fuse 2.0 AT < br> 230 / 240 VAC: fuse 1.0 AT
50 - 60 Hz, 100 VA

rotary peeling

full stripping

part of the stripping

multi-stage stripping


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