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About the working principle of wire stripping machine and wire stripping machine Settings
Release time:2014年04月11日 | Type:News | Clicks:5352
Suzhou xingda machinery co., LTD., adhering to the "quality first, customer first, innovation and enterprising, good faith cooperation" concept, adhere to the principle of "to provide clients with valuable equipment" for the general customers to provide quality services. Welcome the masses of customers to patronize. For the general industry provide wire stripping machine, terminal machine, automatic terminal machine equipment.
A, the working principle of wire stripping machine:
Through into the line wheel and wire wheel transmission wire, and complete the tangent and stripping tool post assembly function.
Second, the functions of main components of brief introduction:
1 round into the line: transmission wire and strip head. Wire stripping machine when strip short strip off thrum and stripping tail (line length less than 50 mm), in strip wire stripping machine when peeling in addition to the strip thread, also have ? the peel away

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