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Suzhou xingda machinery Co., LTD. Is engaged in harness connector equipment, and cable peripheral automation equipment manufacturing, sales, services of integrated professional enterprise; The earliest introduced from Japan, Europe and the United States and Taiwan region. Advanced technology and cooperative enterprises; Has the advanced precision processing equipment and large number of professional and technical personnel. Improve the production process and marketing system; Continuous innovation, to provide high quality, high efficiency products and services; The main products are: automatic skinning dozen end machine, computer strip line machine, cutting line skinning twisted machine; Terminal pressure machine; Gas electric type skinning machines; Copper fabrics; Computer pipe cutters, terminal pressure mould etc harness processing equipment, widely used in electronic appliances, automobile electronics, aerospace, etc; Xingda enterprise adhering to the "technology first, integrity-based" of the spirit; . It adheres to the "quality win market molded strength, the service concept of" of ", serve the masses of customers with the best quality products and most affordable prices and perfect after-sale service, sincerely with you together soar development; We will provide comprehensive and thoughtful services; Set up a business advisory, technical support and after-sales service hotline; Welcome to contact us and Suggestions!

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